Bob Willis and his Texas Playboys

This week, Roy heads back for a look at a fine batch of 78s that came to The Room in 2011 from Calgary collector, Keith Titterington. Keith carefully curated this cache of western swing, country, and old-timey 78s over a fifty-year period. There are some rare and wonderful discs in this batch.

Tune in to check out great country/western swing sides from the Fort Worth Doughboys, Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies, Hardrock Gunter, Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant, Emmett Miller & His Georgia Crackers, Riley Puckett and more.

This will be show # 35 in Roy’s informal and ongoing look at this important stash of shellac.

That’s Sunday, September 9th, 1 PM, Mountain, for another look at the Titterington 78s on Roy’s Record Room, the show that unravels the roots.

Twelve years and counting.