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Autumn Leaves
Duke Ellington Orchestra - Ozzie Bailey
Columbia CD
1:29 PM
Interlude (Night In Tunisia)
Sarah Vaughan
Continental 78
1:25 PM
Wire Brush Stomp
Gene Krupa Orchestra
Brunswick 78
1:21 PM
'Tis Autumn
King Cole Trio
Capitol 78
1:17 PM
Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues
Earl Hines Orchestra
Bluebird 78
1:13 PM
It Happened In Monterey
Mel Torme
Musicraft 78
1:08 PM
Roll 'Em
Benny Goodman Orchestra
Columbia Lp
1:02 PM
Theme - Cirrus
Johnny Pisano & Billy Bean
Decca Lp
1:01 PM
The Old-disc Jockey
John Worthington
1:00 PM
The Legend of Bobby Bird
Art Bergman
The Legend of Bobby Bird - Single
12:49 PM