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Elena Kats-chernin: Ornamental Air For B
Michael Collins / Swedish Co
Mozart, Copland & Kats-Chernin: Clarinet Concertos
7:35 PM
Gerald Garcia: Celtic Airs #s 1, 2 &
John Holmquist, Guitar
Gerald Garcia: Etudes Esquisses...
7:26 PM
Srul Irving Glick: Suite Hebraique #6
Jacques Israelievitch, Violin / John Gre
Suite Hebraique
7:14 PM
Arturo Marquez: Danzon #2
Simon Bolivar Youth Orchesta Of Venezuel
7:02 PM
Classic Examples
Mark Antonelli
7:00 PM
Goodbye Old Paint
Pharis & Jason Romero
A Wanderer I`ll Stay
6:50 PM
Sugar Coated Love
Bill Monroe
Music Of Bill Monroe: From 1936 To 1994
6:48 PM
Open Roads
Adkins & Loudermilk
Adkins & Loudermilk
6:41 PM
Browne's Hoedown
Michael Jerome Browne
Michael Jerome Browne & the Twin Rivers String Band
6:38 PM
I'm On Fire
Oliver Swain
In A Big Machine
6:36 PM