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Honeysuckle Rose
Coleman Hawkins
Swing 78 (Fr.)
1:26 PM
(stay Up Stan) The Allnight Record Man
Charlie Barnet Orchestra - Judy Ellingto
Bluebird 78
1:21 PM
Sleepy Lagoon
Harry James Orchestra
Columbia 78
1:16 PM
George Shearing Quintet
Discovery 78
1:12 PM
And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine
Stan Kenton Orchestra - Anita O'day
Capitol 78
1:07 PM
Benny Goodman Orchestra
Columbia 78
1:02 PM
Theme - Cirrus
Johnny Pisano & Billy Bean
Decca Lp
1:01 PM
The Old-disc Jockey
John Worthington
1:00 PM
Stones On The Ground
Jonny Dyer
Stones on the Ground
11:54 AM
Truth Is The Freshest Fruit
Jennifer Castle
Pink City
11:49 AM