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I by Tom Johnson
Laura Kerslake
University of Alberta
6:30 PM
Smoke and Mirrors (Symbia II) by John M. Kennedy
Laura Kerslake
University of Alberta
6:20 PM
University of Alberta Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Bali For Wind Ensemble By Michael Colgra
University of Alberta
6:10 PM
La Cathedrale Engloutie by Claude Debussy
University Of Alberta Symphonic Wind Ens
University of Alberta
6:01 PM
University Concert Hall
Sarah Hoyles
6:00 PM
A Matterapat
Dr. Lonnie Smith
Rise Up!
5:57 PM
Hallelujah Band
Eilen Jewell
Sundown Over Ghost Town
5:54 PM
While I'm Gone
Xavier Rudd
5:50 PM
Baby, You Got What It Takes
The Lucky Losers
A Winning Hand
5:46 PM
Han Solo
Bob Schneider
King Kong
5:43 PM