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Lovers In A Dangerous Time
Bruce Cockburn
CBS Radio Hour
9:29 PM
Don Mclean
American Pie
9:26 PM
Welcome Wise One, Tell Me A Story
Lorna Crozier
(The Blue Hour of the Day)
9:24 PM
Blood Oranges In The Snow
Over The Rhine
Blood Oranges In The Snow
9:19 PM
Never Enough For Me
Jory Nash
Little Pilgrim
9:16 PM
You Are The Future
Rainer Maria Rilke
(The Soul if Here for Its Own Joy)
9:14 PM
Wait It Out
Imogen Heap
9:10 PM
If Our Timing Is True
Matthew Barber
Big Romance
9:06 PM
Bad Timing
Robert Kroetsch
(Too Bad)
9:05 PM
Road Home Theme
The Mcdades
Commissioned (Solon McDade)
9:04 PM