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Geoffrey Toye: The Haunted Ballroom (Ballet)
Royal Ballet Sinfonia / Barry Wordsworth
Tribute To Madam
9:24 PM
John Weaver: 3 Chorale Preludes for Viola & Organ
Carol Rodland / Catherine Rodland
American Weavings
9:14 PM
William Alwyn: Autumn Legend
City Of London Sinfonia / Richard Hickox
William Alwyn: Autumn Legend...
9:00 PM
Classic Examples
Mark Antonelli
9:00 PM
George Lloyd: Symphony #5 in B-flat
Bbc Po / George Lloyd
George Lloyd: Symphony #5
8:00 PM
Classic Examples
Mark Antonelli
8:00 PM
Darius Milhaud: Le Boeuf sur le Toit
Gidon Kremer / London So / Riccardo Chai
Music Of Milhaud, Vieuxtemps & Chausson
7:41 PM
Ben Steinberg: Suite for Flute, Viola & Harp
Trio Lyra
Lyra Hebraique
7:27 PM
Poulenc: Concerto in d for 2 Pianos & Orchestra
Louis Lortie / Helene Mercier / Bbc Po /
Poulenc: Piano Concertos
7:06 PM
Sir Arnold Bax:Dance In The Sunlight
English Co / Jeffrey Tate
The Banks Of Green Willow
7:00 PM