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Maria Newman: The Pied Piper For Flute,
Hal Ott / Scott Hosfeld / Amy Shulman
Maria Newman: Chamber Works
7:08 PM
Aaron Copland: John Henry (railroad Ball
London So / Aaron Copland
The Copland Collection: 1936 - 1948
7:02 PM
Classic Examples
Mark Antonelli
7:00 PM
Big Time Tuesday
Slocan Ramblers
Shaking Down The Acorns
6:54 PM
Seven Year Blues
Gibson Brothers
6:52 PM
Ole Blake
Bryan Sutton
Into My Own
6:48 PM
When Someone Wants To Leave
The Allen Brothers
Hand-Picked: 25 Years Of Bluegrass On Rounder Records
6:46 PM
Foolish Game Of Love
Bradford Lee Folk & The Bluegrass Playbo
Somewhere Far Away
6:41 PM
A Wanderer I`ll Stay
Pharis & Jason Romero
A Wanderer I`ll Stay
6:38 PM
Put A Little Love In Your Heart
A Better Place
6:33 PM