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Santa Clause is back in town
Roy Forbes
9:54 AM
It's Only Human Nature
The Maddox Brothers And Sister Rose
9:51 AM
Mack the Knife
Les Paul
Threepenny Opera
9:48 AM
True Love
Bing Crosby And Grace Kelly
High Society
9:44 AM
Record Band Blues
Dinah Washington
45 rpm
9:40 AM
You Send Me
The Drifters
45 rpm
9:36 AM
How Much is that Doggy in the Window?
Patti Page
78 rpm
9:33 AM
You, You, You...
Ames Brothers
78 rpm
9:27 AM
You're Listening to Play It Again
Tony Dillon Davis
9:26 AM
The Shepard's Serenade
Benny Goodman
78 rpm
9:22 AM